Epiphan Pearl-2™ es la manera mas fácil de realizar sesiones de streaming, conmutación y grabación en 4K. Live streaming fiable con flujo de trabajo de producción incluido.

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Descripción del Producto

Solución de producción de vídeo todo en uno

Pearl-2 funciona con fuentes de vídeo desde SD a 4K. Puedes conectar hasta 6 fuentes a la vez y hacer streaming con un programa de UHD 4K, o seis streams Full HD. Usa cualquier combinación de tus fuentes de vídeo conectadas al Pearl-2 mediante HDMI, 4K HDMI, 12G SDI ,USB, o flujos IP de cámaras remotas en tu red.
Ahora puedes conectar una cámara web USB o uno de nuestros frame grabbers portatiles de la familia, directamente en el Pearl-2.

Captura 6 fuentes de vídeo a la vez

Pearl-2 trabaja con fuentes de video desde SD a 4K. Conecte hasta seis fuentes a la vez para codificar y transmitir un programa * 4K Ultra HD o hasta seis programas Full HD de 1080p. Use cualquier combinación de sus fuentes de vídeo conectadas a los puertos de entrada de vídeo HDMI, 4K HDMI, 12G SDI o USB, o desde cámaras IP a través de su red.

Más vídeos sobre Pearl 2
Vídeo inputs Connectors (2) 12G SDI
(2) HDMI™ / DVI1
(2) 4K HDMI2 / DVI1
(2) USB video (webcameras)
Network inputs RTSP sources over IP (e.g. IP cameras or channels from Pearl or Pearl-2 systems)
Resolutions Nearly any input resolution up to 4096×2160 (including SD, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K UHD2 and 4K DCI)
HD video format options 4K HDMI2, HDMI, 3G-SDI; 6G-SDI; 12G-SDI; 4K-SDI2; HD-SDI; SD-SDI; USB video; DVI single link (through an adapter)
Audio input Connectors (line level, accept balanced or unbalanced signals) (4) XLR: two stereo pairs left/right by default (or four mono ports)
(1) Stereo RCA
(2) SDI audio3
(4) HDMI audio
(2) USB audio
Analog audio sensitivity XLR Max signal: 12.3 V (RMS), (+24 dBu)
RCA signal level: -10 dBV
Video output Connectors (2) Up to 4K HDMI2 out with audio for local video display or larger confidence monitoring
Built-in display Front touch screen display used for system information, confidence monitoring, simple configuration and recording control
Audio output 3.5 mm audio Front-mounted jack for confidence monitoring
Built-in display Front touch screen display for live switching, confidence monitoring, quick configuration, system information, recording control and streaming control
Video encoding Video codecs H.264, Motion JPEG
Video bit rates 1 – 50 Mb/s
Key frame intervals Programmable
Color resolution 4:2:0
Output frame size Configurable up to 4096×2160
Encoded programs 2 simultaneous 1080p programs at 60 fps (with up to 6 full HD sources)
6 simultaneous 1080p programs at 30 fps (with up to 6 full HD sources)
1 4K2 UHD program at 30 fps (with up to four 4K sources)
Audio encoding Audio codecs Encoder Bitrate Sample frequencies
MP3 64-320 kbps 22 kHz, 44 kHz, 48 kHz
PCM 22 kHz, 44 kHz, 48 kHz
AAC 64-320 kbps 16 kHz, 22 kHz, 44 kHz, 48 kHz
IP network interfaces Connector (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45
Streams MPEG-TS, FLV, and ASF
Multi-Publish to Streaming Server / CDN (RTSP, RTMP/RTMPS)
HLS – Native Apple HTTP stream for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Multicast streams RTP, MPEG-TS & RTP and MPEG-TS over UDP
Network discovery/announce UPnP, SAP
Network security 802.1x EAP methods: PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS
Video / audio recording and file management Internal storage4 512 GB SSD
Automatically removes oldest recordings from internal storage as space is required
File maintenance through Admin panel (web interface)
Local storage Automatic or manual copy to local USB drives via the (3) USB 3.0 ports
Network storage FTP server and FTP client capabilities (automatic and manual)
Playback and recorded formats Download recorded videos (AVI, MOV, MP4 or MPEG-TS) using the Admin panel and playback through any compatible player
Administration Admin panel for full administration. On-screen display and mobile UI for confidence monitoring and simple administration and control
Multiple user accounts/passwords
Included API for integration into existing environments (executed via HTTP/HTTPS or RS-232)
Time synchronization NTP, TIME (RFC 868), PTP v1 (IEEE-1588-2002 V1)
Power use 0.8 A, 100-240 V ac
Product dimensions Pearl-2: 11.81″ × 9.45″ × 3.54″ (300mm x 240mm x 90mm)
Pearl-2 Rackmount: 19 ⅛” x 3½” x 10 ⅞” (485 mm x 89 mm x 276 mm) – dimensions include mounting tabs
Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin: 19 ⅛” x 3½” x 10 ⅞” (485 mm x 89 mm x 276 mm) – dimensions include mounting tabs
Product weight Pearl-2: 8.38 lbs (3.8 kg)
Pearl-2 Rackmount: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)
Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin: 14.6 lbs (6.6 kg)